Bob the Builders Playtime Fun app

Bob the Builder’s Playtime Fun app

Bob the builder’s Playtime Fun app consists of six mini games:

  • Clean the Can Do Crew
  • Mix and Paint
  • Who it it?
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Memory Game
  • Sticker Book

Clean the Can Do Crew – Help wash and clean Bob’s team after his machine wash breaks down. Use the sponge to clean, the hose pipe the spray and the cloth to dry your favourite machines.
Mix and Paint - Choose from 10 pictures to paint. Mix colours and paint!
Who is it? – With two difficulty levels, easy and hard, you can ‘win a sticker’ by dragging the characters in the scene to their shadows.
Picture Puzzle – Again, with two difficulty levels, easy (4 pieces) and hard (12 pieces) this drap and drop jigsaw mini-game gives you the choice of 6 different puzzles.
Memory Game - A classic memory game that comes in two difficulty levels. Easy level give you 8 cards and Difficult gives you 16.
Sticker Book - Re-arrange and create scenes using the stickers that you have won playing the other 5 mini-games.

What we thought - Having six mini-games kept my children engaged with the app. Ozzy, 3, enjoyed the Picture Puzzles the most whilst Scamp, 4, favourited the Memory Game.

Having two difficulty levels on three of the games covered their abilities well, Ozzy didn’t need to struggle and Scamp was challenged.

Bob the Builder’s Playtime Fun has proved such a hit with my children that I’ve been finding that I have to limit the time they spend on it – they’d be playing it for hours at a time if I left them to their own devices!

Good value, engaging and fun (even if you aren’t a Bob the Builder fan!)


We received a code to try this fun app for free. All thoughts are unbiased and our own.

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