Tilda Kids Sunshine Vegetable Rice

Tilda Kids Sunshine Vegetable Rice

Tilda Kids Sunshine Vegetable Rice
I recently attended BritMums Live!, a parent blogger conference and upon leaving we were handed a ‘goodie bag’ full of all sorts of rather lovely things. One thing from the bag was a sachet of Tilda Kids Sunshine vegetable Rice. I had seen sachet of Tilda Kids Rice in my local supermarket before but Scamp and Ozzy had never tried any before – so now was a good chance to try it out.

Like many pre-schoolers Scamp and Ozzy love rice but are rather fussy when it comes to vegetables. Sadly the majority of their veggie intake is ‘hidden’, finely chopped mushroom in Spaghetti Bolognaise for example.

Tilda Kids Sunshine Vegetable Rice steamed Basmati rice with butternut squash, sweetcorn and carrots – not big hunks of veg but rather a cunning ‘sticky’ rice where the veggies are chopped super finely – so finely in fact that Scamp didn’t notice there were veggies in there!

Scamp and Ozzy tried the rice alone but the serving suggestion of ‘try this with fish’ is spot on, or chicken would be great too.

And our verdict? Ozzy,3, loved it whilst Scamp,4, wasn’t overly impressed, but one out of two anti-vegetable pre-schoolers isn’t bad! We’ll be buying Tilda Kids Rice in the future, we think the Cheese and Tomato flavour next, as it’s super easy to heat up (microwavable) and a healthy ‘quick meal’,

You can check out the entire Tilda range of rice kids products here

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